Saturday, June 14, 2008

sky dimension

sky dimension, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

5:30 am, I meet up with my friend PrincessFeet and then spent most of the next six hours with her on this pedestrian bridge cheering on ultramarathoners (50k, 50miles, 100k) as they run almost right up to us and then turn around to go and do another part of a 10k loop.

It was a stunningly beautiful morning.


AmpersandToo said...

incredible perspective. ultramarathon, wow!

Sandie said...

Great color and perspective!

medea said...

I know that your photos are about art- composition and colour and all that good stuff. But for me, the reason I keep coming back to your blog- to me it means home.

This photo is amazing- the square of the bridge top against the curly white wisps of cloud across the sky.

But toy don't see what I see. My brother racing ahead of me on his bicycle, even though he has training wheels and I don't. My dad trying to figure out just which way the wind was blowing from the stacks along the other side. My first time on rollerskates that were not white leather with a big 'ol stopper on the front- I had the wooden slats and my pre-teen knees as stoppers instead.

I am so happy, and a little sad, that I got these unexpected memories tonight. Your photos help a lot with the homesickness.

Thank you.

Karin said...

Love the perspective on this! Just awesome :)

Sharon said...

That is an amazing picture!

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