Thursday, August 14, 2008

CAUTION: Do Not Pull Plug!!

CAUTION: Do Not Pull Plug!!, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

one month old is still new, to me
I held her a long time today
not mine but made me remember and
made me wistful too.


ipm said...

oh, that is great!

yeah, it does take one back, and wishfulness is hard to avoid...

lovely shot...

Sandie said...

lol, great shot! they make me wistful too.

BouBou's said...

Oh, wow! How strangely distorted! Very neat perspective shot.

Baby fixes are always fun. I'm at a point where I'm happy to give them back when I'm done, though. LOL


Marlene said...

That is some binky!!

Ampersand said...

lol. supersized binky. :)

Moi said...

oh my!!!! it looked like a life-size doll to me at first go...........:)

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