Wednesday, August 13, 2008

farm share sweetness

farm share sweetness, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

for dinner

fresh potatoes
fresh green onions
fresh romaine lettuce
(reminds me - I once knew a woman named Romaine and she named her son Kale!)


concretegodmother said...

oh, gorgeous! i'm reading barbara kingsolver's animal, vegetable, miracle right now, and your photo is exactly what i've been thinking about this week!

were you serious about the name thing? wow.

ipm said...

oh I really miss British carrots... so so good...

jo(e) said...

I just read the Kingsolver book too.

Those carrots look delicious!

Mary said...

When is dinner? I'll be right over. :)

Moi said...

so cool......"What's up, Doc?" ;DDDD

BouBou's said...

Mmm... fresh carrots!

When we were kids, my mother never had to worry about us eating enough veggies this time of year. She probably had to worry she wouldn't have enough left to store for the winter, though! *L*


Sandie said...

YUM! Those look so good. Great shot too.

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