Thursday, January 22, 2009

fresh frozen

fresh frozen, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

I love line hung laundry
the smells and textures
and even the sound of it
flapping in the breeze
but I have never been able to warm up to
slogging through the snow
mittened hands clumsily trying to
clip clothespins around line and stiffening fabric
to allow them to solidify in the windchill of -25 Celsius
obviously, there are braver and truer souls out there, literally,
than I...


Anonymous said...

Surely it would just freeze and then be damp again when it thawed out inside! Brave soul indeed. At -25 I would definitely be inside, preferably in front of a roaring log fire!

Anna said...

bsouth, if you leave them out long enough, they will dry through sublimation. It takes a long while and it has to be *really* cold.

When I was a kid, we didn't have a drier (my parents still don't use one). I hated when we had to do laundry in the winter. Even hanging them in the basement, where we had a wood furnace, they were never warm or dry in time for me to wear my school clothes the next morning.

Anonymous said...

Crikey, that sounds grim! We don't have a drier but then we don't live somewhere so cold!

Moi said...

back in India, during winters when there was no sun or on rainy days, we would dry them under the ceiling fan in the least used room which was generally the guess bedroom....

Moi said...

*guest bedroom


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