Sunday, February 8, 2009

grief and comfort

grief and comfort, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

my two girls awoke to being told their guinea pig had died
but when we went to pick the little furry body up out of the cage
we realized that she was not yet gone
so we bundled her up in a warm blanket and my daughters sat together on the couch
touching her gently and talking to her
and in about two hours she was gone
8 years and one month we had her
a squeaky, friendly little pet
and we miss her too

one of the little dogs was so concerned about the sadness in the room
and tried so hard to make it better
frantically moving from face to face
and offering a furious pink tongued solace


Lew said...

Very touching photo! I think all of us have had similar experiences with our kids and pets.

Kunoichi said...

A sweet and emotional photo.

(((hugs))) to the girls.

Anonymous said...

Bless, I'm sorry for their, and your, loss. Such a beautiful picture and what a wonderful dog.

Cloudscome said...

I've had some very sweet guinea pigs too. I can clearly remember standing in the rain during a rabbit's funeral with an inconsolable weeping boy. So sorry for the famiy's loss. Good doggy!

Karin said...

Dogs are so beautifully empathetic. Lovely photo. Priceless.

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