Thursday, February 19, 2009

tomato soup explosion

tomato soup explosion, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

kind of says it all really... the kind of day/week/month the just calls for an early bed time

(my 15 year old daughter (the one who has been sick on the couch and who I was making the soup for...looked at this picture and said- "Wait, you're telling me that the first thing you do when presented with a mess like this - is to go and get your camera and take a picture?!" then she rolled her eyes and sighing, walked away, throwing over her shoulder that she "loves me anyway!")


Anonymous said...

Wow - makes for a cool photo but I don't think I'll try that at home! What else did your daughter think you'd do?

Anna said...

Ha! I'd be heading for the camera, too!

Cloudscome said...

LOL that's really funny. I have a squirrel in my kitchen wall. I set a trap for him and caught him yesterday. I ran to get my camera and while I was turning it on he figured out how to push the trap door open and got out. He dashed for the cellar stairs and was running up through the walls while I stood there with my mouth open. Photo op lost.

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