Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm not really a waitress

I'm not really a waitress, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

(that is the name of this particular shade of nail varnish)
although there are days when my feet feel like they do work in a restaurant

I was in the middle of my bath this afternoon, admiring my shiny toes
and realized that I had to have my camera.

This meant having to coerce my oldest daughter to bring it to me...she thought and continues to think that I am utterly mad.

"You want me to bring you your camera, the really, really, really expensive one - and hand it to you in the bathtub?!?"

Yes and hurry before all the bubbles disappear!

She did but she does consider herself emotionally and mentally harmed, poor thing.


Anonymous said...

Lol - I'm sure your daughter will get over it! I love the colour of your nailvarnish. I used to waitress - a hot bath at the end of a shift was always welcome.

Anna said...

gorgeous toes!!!

love those bubbles too...

AmpersandToo said...

i just have lol at this one. sounds like something i would do. :)

and i too like the color and think your toes are gorgeous!

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