Sunday, May 25, 2008

the button on his jacket

the button on his coat, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

He has had this jacket for years and only today did I notice the decorative details that encircle the button on the cuff.


Sandie said...

Very pretty button. I like the feel of the shot too. Kind of romantic.

Ampersand said...

fabulous detail. love how worn the jacket and button are.

Karin said...

Definitely a pretty button and it's all much more interesting because it's looks like it's been well-loved.

jo(e) said...

I like how worn the button and jacket are.

Moi said...

great details.........i love denims (i'm guessing it's a denim jacket)...and all the creativity you can unleash on 'em. the grungier, the better! :DD

Moi said...

on second thoughts, is it leather????

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