Saturday, May 3, 2008

mansion in the sky

mansion in the sky, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

The area that I live in is criss crossed with back alleys, that was part of the attraction of this part of town, for me.

When I am running, I can choose a 4k loop and run the back alleys around the perimeter of my subdivision or I can up it and include the next subdivision over and do a 5.5 k loop.

Either one takes me past backyards and garages and driveways and often there are a lot more interesting things to see there then in the fronts of the properties.

This birdhouse is one of my favourite landmarks on either of the loops and today I passed it four times before heading in to my house and finishing up on my elliptical trainer.

Canon powershot g5, shutter 1/125,f2.8, 563mm, iso 50


Sharon said...

I love it :)

concretegodmother said...

that is quite a pad! love the clouds.

Cloudscome said...

Great perspective. Is it hard to run carrying the camera?

Yankee T said...

I love the perspective in this shot.

Sandie said...

Great sky! Neat bird mansion :)

Marlene said...

When I opened this page I swear the clouds were moving!

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