Friday, May 16, 2008

feathery soft

feathery soft, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

My daughter handed me the purple crocus she had found.
"I didn't pick it! It was just lying there on the sidewalk!"
So she carried it to me, because it is a flower and I am her Mom and she knew I had my cameras with me, beside where I was sitting on the blanket on the front lawn.

My husband says that crocuses are this furry because it really does help to keep them warm because they bloom so early in our cold climate.

Now that is adaptation.
A flower that grows its own parka.


Sandie said...

VERY beautiful, and I don't think our crocuses are furry, but then I am a bit farther south than you ;) Nice shot.

Moi said...

......just like we wear our own sunscreen protection through our skin colors depending on the climate we are born in......:)

beautiful image....and love the post :)

i havent yet started using the new camera..and it's been with me for a fortnight now....i just wish i can find some time thro' the week.........sigh!!!!

Karin said...

What a gorgeous macro - with two of my favorite colors!

Ampersand said...

amazing color and texture. such a terrific capture!

BouBou's said...

Fantastic shot! I've never looked under a crocus before. I love how soft it looks.


Yankee, Transferred said...


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