Thursday, May 1, 2008

right after the workout

right after the workout, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

10k on the elliptical.

Love the feeling when the workout is done.

Canon eos 30d, shutter 1/60, f1.8,50mm, iso250,lightened a little in iphoto


concretegodmother said...

that's a great almost-mona-lisa smile. i know the feeling; i just wish it inspired me to pursue it more regularly.

BouBou's said...

I love how you focused on the eye - very intense.


Sharon said...

You look so energized! After a workout like that, I would look half-dead I'm afraid :)

Marlene said...


Sandie said...

Wow, great shot and the enjoyment exercise gives you comes across!

Yankee, Transferred said...

This is a great photo in every single way.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lady, lovely picture.

kat said...

isn't it the best especially knowing there is a hot shower waiting!

ipm said...

gorgeous eye there! I love it!!!

angelfeet said...

Oh, I love this photo.

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