Tuesday, April 21, 2009

farm fresh

farm fresh, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

many jokes have been made around here,
since discovering the eggs with the green tinged shells -
about needing green ham to go with,

yes they are supposed to be green,
goat herding woman says,
I guess she is also now egg gathering woman too,
she says that she likes the chickens who lay these better than the ordinary kind,
that are kind of stupid,
the chickens that lay green eggs aren't so stupid and...
they have feather puff cheeks too

we talked about all this
as I was boiling water to poach all the eggs,
brown and white too...
when my oldest daughter said,
her nose slightly wrinkling:
are these eggs fertilized?


Sandie said...

This makes me miss my chickens...they all became fox food last year. Great light.

Anonymous said...

Green eggs and ham is one of my favourites.

I read Sandie's comment and didn't realise that that's why I liked this picture so much but she's right - great light.

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