Wednesday, April 15, 2009


frothy, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

don't like coffee
the flavour
or the beverage
but this looks good even to me

this past weekend
saw me sliding
the wrong way
down the learning curve...
things I wish I had already known
when shooting a large group of people:
-take at least five minutes to set up the shots, making sure people are not obscured by others and are in tight enough. Touch the people if I have too! Set up with computer too!
-keep one person with me who knows everyone’s names to help with herding and posing!
-check shot for faces being obscured -for focus in right area and for lighting bouncing off of glasses
-keep other people with cameras away from behind or beside me, instead offer them a turn after I get my shots in! This keeps eyeballs focused on me.

NOW I know.


Anonymous said...

Looks like chocolate milkshake!

Thank you for the tips on group photography. It all sounds very complicated and I think I'll stick to groups of 3 or less.

Moi said...

my kinda drink :)

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