Saturday, May 9, 2009

as beautiful as he is

as beautiful as he is, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

gorgeous boy
swinging in the sun
horizontal to the ground below
and still posing for his Mama!

not enough time for all I am doing and want to do -
photography is being pushed back,
for now,
down below kids, sleep, running and life in general.
Trying though.
fighting my way through Aperature and learning how to use it and still playing with Tv (shutter priority) - hence this image today.

Had to shake myself out of a negative mind set yesterday about
picture taking -
better today
how could it not be with faces like this one around me?

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Anna said...

just wanted you to know the hands from yesterday inspired ME in a project; just from those fingers, the way the penny is held, that solitary ring, I came up with nearly a full characterization for a woman for my next story...

so expressive are your photos, the beauty that is YOU coming through loud and clear in all you shoot, especially those gorgeous kids!

much love to you today... :)))

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