Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Ran, I ran so far away....

My 50k run ended, as I told my friends, like this:

I was yelling "I,m going to have a bath!" (loudly) as my mantra to make it to the end of my 50k run on Saturday - after TEN hours on the trail. So tired going in, barely made the cut off time, a humbling experience and a wonderful one! Great people, volunteers and other runners - ruby throated sapsuckers, dragonflies and butterflies swooping over the path, gorgeous vistas and weather, all worth the price of 4 toenails!

and I was lucky enough to do through land that looked like this:


AmpersandPrime said...

congrats on the run. impressive!

Anna said...

so proud of you!!! what an accomplishment...

hope that bath was long nad languid... :)))

great marigold as well.

Moi said...

marigolds always remind me of weddings in India....they are so widely used in our weddings....:) they do add a dash of cheer, dont you think :)

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