Friday, July 4, 2008

I know I should not have hoovered down that whole,raw chicken carcass

but really is this thing necessary?

Why yes, Thousand dollar dog, it is. You are not allowed to snorfle at the many staples now holding your stomach together.

Then, can I have a snack? It is hungry work being rushed to the vet clinic for emergency surgery and having to stay there for two days

Soon, Thousand Dollar Dog, soon.
Happy to have you home.


Sharon said...

ROFL!! Poor baby. Remember Augie dog? He had a solid-gold butt. (Leaky anal glands = $1200 worth of hiney-hole surgery) :o)

Marlene said...

I'm glad he's better!

concretegodmother said...

OMG! horrible! the most any of ours ever did was hit the trash can, but nothing major. one *did* countersurf and got into something he shouldn't, but it wasn't surgery-inducing. a relative's german shepherd once decided eating pantyhose would be a fun idea. sounds like she had the same surgery yours did.

i love the new name -- thousand-dollar-dog works quite nicely. :-)
at least he LOOKS properly remorseful.

p.s. i responded to yours over at mine.

Sandie said...

aww, he looks so pitiful :) Glad he is better now.

Moi said...


Anastasia said...

that is awful and also hilarious (if only b/c he's okay) and the picture is just adorable. love that look. the worst mine ever did was snatch and snarf a box of butter.

from away said...

oh no! hope the recovery is quick...

Yankee, Transferred said...

Oh dear. Thousand dollar dogs are challenging.

BouBou's said...

Oh, wow! I'm amazed that you can turn something like this around into something so funny!

Laugh or cry, I guess. ;-)

That poor, sad expression... What a great shot!


Ampersand said...

i have been there and done that. i found myself mad and relieved all at the same time, and yes, glad to have her home!

glad your thousand dollar dog is home ok.

nadia said...

oh dear...gotta love 'em! what other choice is there? lol! perhaps I should send sparkle the wonder dog over and the two of them could try smelling butts with the elizabethan collars on? hee hee! might make for some good pics!

Karin said...

Oh no! Poor puppy and poor pocketbook. The only time one of our dogs ate a chicken bone, I had accidentally dropped a thigh on the floor, the dog inhaled it - swallowed it whole - didn't even chew. So luckily, no vet!

ptjew said...

expensive pets, been there done that

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