Thursday, July 17, 2008

like peacock plumes

like peacock plumes, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

these blue spikes arrest my attention,
I can look at them again and again

this was not the picture I was going to write about today,
but I had to give in to the cerulean call of these delphiniums

and put aside the perfectly lovely image of the community garden, two battered and blue wicker chairs overlooking tomatoes, sunflowers and sun warmed, just-red raspberries that the old gardener invited me to eat...


concretegodmother said...

wow! gorgeous! it's a color lovefest! and i'm jealous of your sun-warm razzies! mmm!

jo(e) said...

That colour is amazing!

Sandy said...

Gorgeous color. I can see why this shot won out.

Marlene said...

Oh so pretty! Wow!

kat said...

gorgeous color, it does all seem to stand out

Karin said...

Those bright colors just pop against the green!

Cloudscome said...

mmmm nice. both pictures.

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