Wednesday, July 30, 2008

jack's viewpoint

jack's viewpoint, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

end of the walk again
raining this time
good thing my teenage kids couldn't see me
lying in the dirt
in the front yard
in the rain a dress...and a pretty dress too...even the dentist commented on it...

trying to get just the right angle
(okay,really I was tired and any excuse to lie down)
'cause they would have -
How did I become one of THOSE parents?

why am I asking when I don't really care?


for the answer to yesterday's burning question - What is it?

click here.


concretegodmother said...

what a fabulous angle! the green leaves look as though they're part of a metal sculpture, welded to the scaffold structure.

yep, good thing the kids didn't see you. but at their ages, they'll be probably be embarrassed by you even when you're not doing anything. so go ahead and sacrifice your body for your art! ;-)

is jack a dog?

concretegodmother said...

ahahahaha! how slow am i that it took it me an hour and a half to figure out what 'jack' meant -- as in jack and the beanstalk. gah! it must be time to put my brain to bed!

nadia said...

I love the globes! boy first pics with beautiful stories and now riddles? my gosh girl you've gone global!

Mary said...

I was gonna get my hair cornrowed at the beach last week just to embarrass my daughter, but I thought that was probably going a little too far.

Love the beanstalk! the point of view makes it!

Sandie said...

Great perspective. I was amazed the first year I did 365 at how many new ways I could see something I passed everyday.

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