Wednesday, October 8, 2008

early morning sand castles IPHONE

when I go home
I will be happy to be there
but I will miss running on the beach
in the early morning
sharing the shore with
surfers and dog walkers
and finding
the magical and the ephemeral
beauty of sand castles


Cloudscome said...

Holy Cow that's a great shot!

The Grandpa said...

I envy you. I miss the beach.

Mary said...

You need to go running on the beach at Coronado with the Navy Seals. Wouldn't that be fun? (Not!)

jo(e) said...

I love the shapes!

Dirkus said...

Great image!

Moi said...

pretty!!!!! a hint of blue and it makes my day .......:)

nadia said...

OMG! running on the beach! we MUST have beach in our future! the lotto machine did the woo hoo and I thought we were buying the beach. $10.00 - better than nothing! keep on enjoying the fantastic vacation! ciao!

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