Saturday, October 4, 2008

piper x

piper x, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

early morning beach
seeing the sandpiper
and then
weaving in and out of the joggers, walkers and surfers
oh the surfers,
all ages and sizes and sun bleached hair
everywhere I look,
and the surfer talk all around
like listening to a soundtrack from a beach movie
it makes me smile

but then the chop,chop, chop
of the rescue helicopter circling overhead
and the lifeguards on the ocean
searching for a lost diver
makes the morning a little less sunny

the searchers are still there
hours later
the lost still unfound
when we're back with the kids

we try sea kayaking
look at caves in the cliffs
and sea lions basking on sandstone

my oldest and I both get
hit with churning nausea
oh seasickness ick
it cuts our trip a little short

but solid land is so welcoming
that we don't care


ipm said...

yeah, they really talk like that!

D U D E!

BouBou said...

It sounds like you guys are having such an amazing time.

Any word on the missing diver?


The Grandpa said...

What a great picture. As I started reading your post, I had to stop and look back up at it because I swear I saw the water moving. Nice blog.

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