Sunday, October 5, 2008

found, dead on beach

found, dead on beach, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

found, dead on beach
3 feet long
seen during morning walk towards scripps pier,
I thought about it later when wading in the surf,
flinching when seaweed tangled around my ankles.

kids saw leopard sharks,
while they were playing
small and harmless
but very cool...

still, between that and the surfer
talking about the sting ray they encountered...
playing in the ocean was a very aerobic experience for me today


Mary said...

wow, that is one scary looking dude!

Lew said...

Not the normal critters you see at home everyday? I admit that I'm not too found of things grabbing me when I'm in the water.

45 and Aspiring said...

Creepy. I love this shot. . .the way it seems to be coming out of the sand. The sand at the top looks almost like ice.

BouBou said...

Fascinating creatures! My elder daughter would probably be wanting to take it home and dissect it or something. *L* She has a thing for sea creatures.

Really interesting shot - the colour picked up well.


StrawberryCreek said...

blech. glad to see you are having an interesting time!

Cloudscome said...

That is amazing! You are really having a great time.

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