Tuesday, October 7, 2008

memories of the friendly giant

san diego wild animal park
what a wonderful place
older kids and dad did the segue tour
younger kids and I did the PHOTO safari
A blast was had by all!
We are left wanting to go back...

on the way home we stopped and picked up an
OSTRICH egg from a roadside stand
much to the kid's disbelief
there may be an ostrich omellette in our


Mary said...

Neat! Giraffes have the most beautiful eyelashes, don't they?

Moi said...

:) every time i see giraffes, i think of the movie title "funny face"...she (???) seems amused :)

BouBou said...

Great portrait. :-D

How was the ostrich egg? I here they taste just like chicken eggs, but that one ostrich egg = 12 chicken eggs. That's one heck of an omelet!


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