Thursday, June 25, 2009

here and gone iphone Jun 25 09

twenty years ago
popeye pizza
spinach and feta and mozzarella
was the order for our dates
when we could stop looking into each other's eyes
we would look around at the other booths
laugh at the vintage decor
dig for quarters for the slightly
out of place, newfangled cd jukebox
picking the the most insipid and synthesized pop music
to play
and then following that with "oldies" from the sixties and seventies
and laughing at the juxtaposition
over the years we didn't go as often
but still sometimes
and always knew it was there
and would be
because it had been
but now it is not
that land it sits on
that rims the university
is 'valuable'
is not

I am often pleased and somewhat astonished by what my iphone can do.

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