Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my son's socks

my son's socks, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

Twelve years old
Two unmatched socks
Three days of taking pains to ensure that they are unmatched
One sock (black) belongs to his father, the other
One is inside out...

Why does it make me crazy?
Why do I care?

It makes him grin, pleased with his attempts to declare his individuality, his uniqueness -


Canon Rebel xti, shutter 1/13,f.5,39mm, iso 400
had to lighten a lot in iphoto


BouBou's said...

LOL!! I love it!

Mine went through a time when they *had* to have mismatched colours, too. My only restriction was that they had to be the same *type* of sock - more because some that they would've worn would bunch up under their shoes and cause blisters.

I think it's a hoot. :-D

Moi said...

haha!!!! i remember my li'l brother and his "rebel-without-a-cause" stance on almost everything in life, while growing up. fun!!!!! :)

Sandie said...

I don't know if anyone else remembers the show Punky Brewster, but my oldest watched it all the time and felt a serious need to dress like the main character....all mismatched all the time. And she went from the Punky look to the Cyndi Lauper look, not much different :)

my15minutes said...

My son does the same thing. And the types are different (short and long shake it up with red and argyle). It makes me laugh. I imagine one day when he grows up (although he is 16 and 6'5" now!) and wears matching socks, it will be bittersweet and I will miss it.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Two of my 3 kids wore/wear unmatched sox. It's great when the laundry eats one.

Cloudscome said...

That is cute. Socks are a good way to bust loose IMO. I love the reflections in the base of the chair.

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