Monday, April 28, 2008


ruffled, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

in some ways getting up close to these guys is a little like shooting fish in a barrel.
Put a blanket out in one of our municipal parks and that is like putting out a welcome mat for gulls.

My other choices for today were a shot of a student driven light armoured vehicle or my friend's hands knitting (both on flickr).

This one though appealed to me, partially because of nostalgia - remember discovering Jonathon Livingstone Seagull in highschool (really the best time for that) and more recently Finding Nemo - my youngest child's favourite movie.
We can't see a gull anymore without shrieking "mine! mine".

canon eos 30d, shutter 1/500, 300mm, iso 100


Sharon said...

Beautiful! We do the same thing, Nemo is my little ones favorite right now. He carries his stuffed Nemo everywhere he goes :)

concretegodmother said...

this one looks like he really wants to be an eagle. he's trying for the wing posture, anyway. of course, the eagle would scoff at this one's red eyeliner (which i think is pretty fabulous).

BouBou's said...

*L* My girls have long since outgrown Finding Nemo, and we *still* say "Mine, mine, mine!"

A really great shot, with the wings out like that.


Karin said...

The sharpness and the detail in this is just awesome!

Sandie said...

This shot is really balanced and very beautiful!

Yankee, Transferred said...

There's that 300 mm again! You do amazing work.

Lew said...

You really do good work with birds. And I love Sunday's fish out of water. It must be quite a sight when everything is covered with snow!

nadia said...

SO stunning! shall we publish a book? we have quite a collection to choose from...

Moi said...

:) my friend's li'l boy refuses to eat fish for food coz he goes, "how can i eat nemo?" :)))

beautiful light on "your" gull, gawdess.

and the current pics on my blog are from my old camera. I invested in a Nikon D40 finally ....havent had time yet to go beyond stroking it :)

angelfeet said...

Great shot and we still love Finding Nemo.

anoop said...

nice shot! i love the glistening in the eyes! u r good at close ups! keep posting

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