Monday, February 18, 2008

caged heart

caged heart, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

There is a skeleton of a building downtown.
It had an elevator with an elaborate ironwork screen that you had to pull across the opening before operating.
There were wood floors and high, high ceilings, clawfoot tubs and built in wooden dressers against magic walls.
Magic, because when you pushed on one side it swivelled around to display a pull down murphy bed.
There was a fire a couple of years ago that destroyed the top floor. Since then it has been sitting, empty and neglected, awaiting something to happen to it.
Scaffolding has been up to protect people who use the sidewalk and art is happening along it.

EOS 30D, shutter 1/25, f4.0,70mm, iso 100


hypatia said...

Oh I like the story and the picture. Even if it is sad when old buildings have a disaster and fade away...

david mcmahon said...

I really enjoyed this. Not just an intriguing image, but a warm story as well.

marianne said...

it's always sad to see buildings fall into disrepair, but interesting artwork. I love the title of the photo too.

Kathryn said...

The story and pic go along so well together. Thank you!
Found you at authorblog!

Ianqui said...

Pretty lighting--right on the heart.

Ampersand said...

It's a sad story. :(

I do like the art that has spring up, though.

Sandy said...

Great composition. Loved the story too.

Moi said...

i love to see a city captured in its elements like that...what city are we talking about here, gawdess???

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