Monday, February 4, 2008

flower power

flower power, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

(shutter 4, f 13.0,iso 200, exp. ap. priority, 100mm, exp. bias .33)

It is a little odd to find myself with so many pictures of flowers.

When I first started hankering after a macro lens (Canon 100mm), it wasn't flowers that caught my attention, it was bugs.

At -25C there aren't very many of those skittering about. (Thankfully.)

Blossoms however, are only as far away as our nearest grocery store and they are so damn magical through that lens.

My eye is at the veiwfinder, my hand bringing the petals into focus and suddenly I am plunged headlong into the depths of tulips, daisies, carnations, daffodils and ..... roses.

Ah, roses.
In almost any incarnation, I love them so.

At the house we moved from nearly seven years ago, they were the hardest thing for me to leave behind. I had planted so many different kinds of hardy Canadian strain roses.

The couple who had bought the house were not of the same mind.
"Oh, I hate roses!" the woman exclaimed chirpily, "We'll be sure to rip them all up."


My husband brought me a bouquet of the mixed colour ones.
"They are kind of cheap looking." He said apologetically as he handed me the brown paper package.

There was lemon yellow, red tipped white, scarlet edged gold, deepest orange and he was right they were just a bit too gaudy to be upscale.

I didn't tell him I almost cried when I saw them all, or how I hugged them to me and BREATHED them in.

To see far too many more pictures of flowers please click on my Flickring Gawdess link on the right side bar.


Anonymous said...

oh oh! so beautiful!

bsouth said...

I can only echo Anastasia - beautiful.

M&Co. said...


Karin said...


jo(e) said...


I too love roses.

concretegodmother said...

wow, gawdess! it looks more like a stunning painting than a photo! i'd like to see this one blown up to wall size.

and i'll say it again: god bless the macro lens! (how i miss my old one.)

Ampersand said...

fabulous shot. I love the flowers and the macro work. I can completely understand getting lost in it.

and sorry about your 50mm :(.

Marcia said...


I wish I had a camera and lens that could do this.

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