Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love trains

my country, originally uploaded by gawdessness. Please click on to enlarge - blogger crops my photos!

in a very brief moment between dropping the kids off for pottery and going grocery shopping this morning -
I pulled up to the "restricted area" sign near the rail yard, rolled the window down and shot this engine.
A train line ran right behind my Grandmother's house - she who was the refuge of my childhood.
I loved her and I love trains.

shutter 1/200,f9.0, focal length 160mm, iso 100


Anonymous said...

i love trains! probably 1/3 of the reason I got into bluegrass music was all those songs about trains.

Karin said...

Trains make me think of riding the Silverton to Durango with my dad when I was a small child and then again with my husband. So lots of good memories. :)

Sharon said...

My 2 (soon to be 3)yo is a train fanatic. We have a track that runs not too far from our house - we have to cross it several times a week. We ALWAYS have to stop and see if one is coming. :) He loves this picture.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I almost shot a train photo today! Almost except I was by the train and my camera was locked under the back seat of the car! This is a great picture.

marianne said...

trains remind me of past times too - good memories there.

concretegodmother said...

i like the snowdrifts with the grasses emerging from them. i like the sun on the engine. i love trains; fond memories of their long horns, especially at slumber parties at great-grandma's house; fond memories of the chessy cat cars.

Ampersand said...

lovely shot.

I'm so glad you had that refuge and the resulting fond memories.

Anonymous said...
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