Monday, January 21, 2008

Creepy Peep

IMG 2326, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

It is ugly and unredeeming as a building but what it houses is even more so.

Should I be so fascinated by it?
It doesn't matter, I am.

I wonder about the people that work there. What a job.
It is open 24 hours, consider what the graveyard shift here would be like.

And I wonder about the people who are the patrons and who have to clean it.

This all becomes just an ordinary backdrop to them.
But to me, it is extraordinary enough to photograph.

It is literally a stones throw from prosperity and a version of respectibility.

I drive past this building and others advertising similar wares almost everyday with a van full of kids and have had to answer questions

The other thing I was thinking about, is in thirty or forty or fifty years - what will someone who sees this picture think?

Will it be such a foriegn idea to them? Will it seem quaint?

stats: twilight/70-300 telephoto lens is/canon 30d/.shutter 1/60/f5.6


Anonymous said...

am i the only one who is thinking about marshmallow chicks?

Ampersand said...

anastasia made me laugh!!

Well, I would wonder about it too, the same way as you, gawdess.

I does make for an interesting image, very graphic(inadvertant pun).

Yankee, Transferred said...

I love the way you see and write about things.

Reughr said...

Hmm, pictures of a triple X peep show, I like where your head's

just kidding, it's still a nice shot, regardless of content.

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