Sunday, January 6, 2008

In the Window

I have long been a fan of looking in the windows of other people's

Not up close and personal, not staring, not taking stock of what is
actually happening - it isn't like that.
Actually I don't want to get any closer than standing on the public
It is the sense of just getting the shortest glimpse of what is
inside and then moving on.

With our days being short, the sun rises after 8 am and sets by 4 pm
for big chunks of the year - it is particularly interesting to take a
walk in a residential area at twilight, before it is truly dark but
when many people have turned on their lamps or are bathed in the
flicker from television sets.

It is like walking through a large and jumbled collection of film clips.

Also, this one is interesting to me, because I have never understood
why people don't set up their living rooms so that they can look out
their windows more.
The reflection of the snowy tree and the image on the tv, work for me

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Yankee, Transferred said...

I love this. I particularly love the snowy tree look.

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