Thursday, January 10, 2008


Doggies!, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

(And this picture also works as a Happy Birthday for Yankee T!)

We have "lots'o'doggies" at our house according to my oldest daughter and uh, everyone else.

Here are two of them.

These are our wired haired standard dachshunds.
Both were show dogs in their previous lives - not that you would know it to look at them now.

I got this shot because they both decided, at the same time that they wanted to sit on my oldest daughter's lap and I happened to be on the couch beside her when it happened.

Used my Canon Rebel XTI with my beloved 50mm lens.
It is a fast lens and absolutely wonderful for upclose pictures of people and pets.


Yankee T said...

Thanks for the wishes and great doggie photos. Our friends and kids say we "collect" dogs. We have 3 rescues that we love to bits.

Ampersand said...

I have to agree with you about that 50mm lens. I got one for Christmas and I am completely addicted to shooting with it.

Thanks for the comment on my 365, I'll add you to my blog roll and my RSS feed. :)

jo(e) said...

What a cute photo!

Rev Dr Mom said...

They are soooo cute!

I'm adding you to my 3365 blog roll, too.

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