Friday, January 25, 2008

where ever you are

where ever you are, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

As part of the ongoing saga where I try to get a good, clear photograph of a bird in my neighborhood.

Look hard, you might see it hiding in that thicket of branches.


There is now a bird feeder on my back deck - being assiduously ignored by all avian life.

My photography club is looking for volunteers to go out to a wilderness area and help document the wildlife in the area.

I would love to go, but understandably enough am concerned that my very presence will cause every creature to go into hiding or flee the area!

Just got to keep trying.

This was just a few doors down the street from me. In a lilac bush and I even dragged my tripod out for it. Froze my fingers off, but I had fun, and I am sure I looked interesting to the neighbors, dragging this huge tripod and camera combination down the sidewalk, the wind whipping away at my clothes.

canon 30d/70-300mm telephoto lens/shutter 1/800, f5.6


Ampersand said...

You will get that elusive shot, if nothing else out of sheer perserverance and dedication.

In the meantime, I like this one very much -- muted, camoflauged and intriguing to the eye.

angelfeet said...

Wildlife photography, I think, is very tricky.

I like to think he's hoping you won't spot him. Nice shot.

concretegodmother said...

I love the brambly branches with the blue poking through from behind. The pudgy wintery bird seems blissfully unaware of you, and safe.

You'll keep showing up for work, as it were, and it will pay off; you'll get the shots you want.

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