Friday, January 11, 2008

Pine cone

Pine cone, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

Sometimes, you take a shot and you think, hmm this one is nice - and then when you look at it later - it is like - yeah, this one just works!

And that is how I feel about this one, it just works.
I was trying to capture the sense of frozen mist that was about. Where I live, it is VERY dry but the weather patterns are changeable and it was both very cold and yet quite humid, so everything seemed to have been sugared.

This pine cone is right beside my front step.
I used my tripod and my fixed 100mm lens.


Ampersand said...

You're right, it really does work. I love that you can see the frost (frozen mist?) on the pine needles.

I'm jealous of the 100mm, I have my eye on it as a possibility for my next lens.

my15minutes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....I'm glad to find a new photoblog. Your shots are great....I'll have to explore your site more.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I'd love a 100mm fixed lense, myself.
This is a terrific shot.

Sandy said...

Such a striking photo! I like the mix of the warmth of the sunlight and the cool of the crystals on the needles. Nice shot.

PS - I found your blog off of Beth's 365. I'm always glad to find another 365 blog. :)

Cloudscome said...

That is stunning. Sugared world right outside your door! Wow.

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