Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blogged this once.
It didn't take.
This is my second attempt.

The bud was a happy surprise.
Bug was unexpected joy but not a macro lens in sight.

Still, happy with the detail of hair, goldness and eyes on the fly, after cropping.

eos 30d, shutter 1/800, f5.6, focal 50mm (18-55 mm lens), iso 100


Karin said...

That's pretty amazing for no macro lens! :)

Sharon said...

Nice shot :) Great detail.

Sandie said...

I am glad you kept trying, this is a great shot.

Ampersand said...

wow, very cool. very nature channel material. :)

concretegodmother said...

wow! with no macro, even. gives me hope for my own 18-70 lens.

marianne said...

wow, the detail you captured is amazing with no macro - wonderful shot!

my15minutes said...

Wow. You're amazing.I'm frustrated this semester by being limited to only a 50 mm lens. No zooms, no macros, nothing! But I'm learning to appreciate what it does well at, and exploit that. Your shot shows that it really is possible get a great capture without fancy equipment.

Sandy said...

Beautiful detail. You did a great macro with a fixed lens!

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