Saturday, March 8, 2008


stix, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

There is a vase on one of my kitchen counters and in it I keep aluminum knitting needles.

An array of cheerful, shiny colours, golds, silvers, blues, greens and hot pink. Most are second hand cheap, from Goodwill.

That was what I took pictures of first, metallic colours gleaming in the afternoon sunlight.

Then I noticed the silver ends, embossed with letters and numbers and I liked that too.

Canon Rebel xti, shutter 6, f8.0, 100mm, iso100

There may be some pictures of more tulips, knitting needles and pussy willows up on my flickr account (link in the sidebar).

Then again, maybe not.


Lew said...

They look like they are floating in air. Love the lighting in your pictures.

Sharon said...

Ah! knitting needles, mystery solved :)

marianne said...

oh, way cool! they look like they're suspended in air. yep, yep, me too - I love the lighting in your photos. :)

concretegodmother said...

they look like odd coins or nailheads. lovely silvery.

BouBou's said...

I would never have guessed what they were! My first thought was nails or rivets. *L*

Coins had come to my mind, too.

Very nice. :-D


Scrivener said...

I actually knew what they were, don't ask me how or why. I really like this too. I like numbers and text.

Moi said...

very creative! it's almost dreamy a shot...they look like they are floating in the air!!!! :)

Karin said...

I had no idea what they were at first. My little one saw the picture and thought it was money. :) I love the unexpectedness of this shot :)

david mcmahon said...

Beautiful shot. Challenges our perceptions.

Loved your dumpster shot too - very poignant.

Cloudscome said...

I really like this shot. I have a bunch of knitting needles from my grandmother and mother just like these. I recognized them at once. It gave my heart the little thrill of starting a new project... which size to choose?

Helena said...

At first glance, I thought they were coins, tumbling down... very clever, great idea, great shot!

Daryl E said...

Nice, as a former knitter, I recognized them immediately. Clever and interesting shot!

David sent me.

aims said...

Anyone with a vase of knitting needles on their kitchen counter - is a gal with values close to my own heart.

A great pic - and David sent me!

Ampersand said...

Like Scrivener, I really like the numbers and text. Oh and the many circles. So cool.

CrazyCath said...

Beautiful shot. Very clear. Unusual angle. Excellent.

Over from David's blog.

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