Monday, March 17, 2008


cate, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

In 2000 we were lucky enough to travel to London, England and stay with a friend.

One afternoon she took me on something of a walking tour and we ended at a street full of outdoor flower vendors who were just closing up for the day.

We joined the throngs of other last minute buyers taking advantage of the cut rates on the remaining bouquets that the sellers would rather not have to pack up or throw out.

Feeling very much like a native Londoner, I walked the blocks back to
our friend's flat, my arms filled with creamy calla lilies, all mine for five pounds.

That all came back to me the other day, when my youngest daughter and I went to the florist to pick out some flowers for me to photograph.
This calla was 6 dollars for the one bloom but the memories are priceless.

As usual, there are way too many more pictures of flowers available by clicking on my flickring gawdess link on the sidebar.


Sandie said...


Sharon said...

Niiiiiice!!! :)

david mcmahon said...

Lily (Marlene). Great shot. And I really enjoyed your abandoned bee shot too!

concretegodmother said...

oh, your flikr names are wonderful...and completely fitting -- especially elvis and garbo! and party, too! :-)

i love that you and your daughter went to buy flowers just for you to photograph. you're teaching her to take art seriously. beautiful!

Karin said...

Never too many flower pictures. :) This is a great macro.

P M Prescott said...

Beautiful picture. Do you post on Webshots?

BouBou's said...


Just visited your flickr photos, too, and I love them all! I so love macro shots. :-D

I see you guys have done your eggs already. :-) We'll be starting ours tomorrow.


Quilldancer said...

I love photographing flowers! Luckily, I live on an island full of exotic blooms. Even so, this is a great shot and I wish I'd have clicked it!

David sent me.

CrazyCath said...

These are lovely shots. Love the rest on flickr. David sent me.
Lovely angles on the flowers.

Ampersand said...

fantastic. lovely memories, too.

Daryl E said...

Quite wonderful .. priceless

David sent me!

Moi said...

:) your story made me smile coz thats how my memories are to me too: precious :)
dont you love the elegance of calla??? :)

Cloudscome said...

Great shot! Nice memories too - thanks for the image. I've never been to London but I can imagine myself there with arms full of flowers now.

marianne said...

oh, I love macro shots and this is just gorgeous - beautifully done. sweet, sweet memory too.

Sandy said...

Lovely! Excellent composition. I'm glad you bought the flower. :)

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