Monday, March 24, 2008

soon there will be roses the colour of his feathers

She picked the spot in the front garden, close to where the yellow rosebush is.
Her Dad hacked at the soil, stirring up as much ice as dirt, until there was just enough room.
Canaries aren't big birds, so it didn't take long.

She laid him in gently but then couldn't bear to watch him being covered by the dirt and pushed her face into my chest and cried like the little girl she used to be.
Then she took a deep breath and bent down and patted the earth down neatly, hauled the garden stone I had made a few years ago over to rest on top.

We went back in, it was chilly and we were a little worn and I saw the tulips in the vase and snipped them short and went back out and put them on the stone.

She watched me and thanked me and smiled, a little.

Silly in a way.
It was just a little bird and we hadn't had it very long - but -
it was a life that we were responsible for and we take that seriously.

And, she loves birds, the way other people love puppies or kittens.

Not sure what we will do next.
We have a little female, very robust, who seems more than a little lonely.

Sometime this spring, when the ground is workable and the frost is as gone as it can be in this climate - she and I will go and pick up a hardy rose with coppery, orange petals and move the stone over to side and plant it.

She likes that idea.


Yankee, Transferred said...

Kisses to the sweet, caring girl

Moi said...

sweet tribute , gawdess.

Sharon said...

It doesn't take long to get attached. :) Hugs to her, and you.

my15minutes said...

Aw. I'm sorry.

angelfeet said...

That's a lovely tribute.

Ampersand said...

such a lovely memorial you have. these rituals are so important. I understand so well about taking the responsibility to care for a small life seriously. hugs to your family and especially your girl.

bsouth said...

I'm so sorry - that's sad. I hope your girl is ok. The rose bush sounds like a lovely idea. Love to you all.

Lew said...

Ver touching. It is amazing how the little ones learn how to handle their losses. At the same time, it shows that they have learned to care about something or someone other than them selves.

concretegodmother said...

oh, i'm so sorry! we had a few bird funerals in my day; they weren't even pets, but they were still solemn occasions. i think it's cool that you participated in this ritual with her. it means a lot, and it communicates good things about grief and emotions.

Scrivener said...

I agree with CGM.

from away said...

Oh, sad. I like the idea of the roses.

Cloudscome said...

So sorry about the bird. I've had birds and enjoyed them very much. It's hard to lose them. The roses are a nice idea.

Sandy said...

So sorry. This was a lovely tribute.

marianne said...

this is so, so moving - a lovely tribute.

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