Saturday, March 1, 2008


razrwire, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

What is so valuable behind this fence?

Razor wire looped around and around barbed wire - what needs that kind of protection?

Looking through the chain link into the auto wrecker's yard at the twisted, broken cars and trucks and smashed glass - I just don't see it.

Instead my eye is drawn to the odd beauty of the knife edged coils themselves.

Very at odds with the other pictures I took today of the velvety insides of tulips.

Canon G5, shutter1/640, F3.0, focal length 922mm, iso 50


concretegodmother said...

i like the depth of field and focus choices in this one. makes me think of the area historical museum in my growing-up goldrush town; they had a display on the history of barbed wire in the region, it being of such great value in the ranching community. my first thought at your photo was "prison."

Cloudscome said...

Good eye. Nice contrast with the feel of tulips mentioned in the text.

BouBou's said...

Beautiful perspective shot! I love it.

As for the junk yard, you'd be amazed - there's good money in recycled scrap metal, and theft is a huge problem. That, and people mucking around where they shouldn't can get seriously hurt.


david mcmahon said...

That's a beautiful shot.

I think Boubou is accurate, but razor wire is rather extreme!

Billie said...

Oh, very very cool. I really like your perspective on something like this. In one sense, it's fairly ordinary, but in another, it isn't. nicely done.

Ampersand said...

It's so beautiful in the strangest way.

Sandy said...

The silver color and coiling does draw you in but the barbs make me flinch as I do. ;-)

Nice composition- you really captured the line of the coil well. Lots of interesting lines in this shot.

Barbed wire for a junk yard ~ hmmm.

aims said...

Razor wire always makes me think the same thing too!

and ya - David sent me!

Daryl E said...

I love the way you focused on the steel-y feel of it .. cold, icy cold but reflecting light.

David sent me!

angelfeet said...

That's stunning photo. Scrap metal theft is a real problem here too. We've had lead stolen off the school roof three times.

Moi said...

love it!

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