Saturday, March 22, 2008


crystal'd, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

My youngest daughter seems to have an eye for things that I should take pictures of.
She and her closest in age brother are growing foil plates of grass for Easter and after misting them she carried hers to where I was sitting in the living room "Mom! Look at the way the water looks! Maybe you could take a picture of it?"
So I did and she was right and I am glad I paid attention.

Canon Rebel xti, shutter 8, f13,100mm, iso 100


Lew said...

You do exquisite macro shots. The drops look like little crystal bugs.

concretegodmother said...

wow! so simple, but phenomenal! i clicked it large, and every single drop reflects all of the other grass blades. incredible, and beautiful!

it's cool that your daughter is looking out for shots for you. my friend, madame x, keeps emailing me, almost daily, with shots she saw that she thought would have been good for my blog. haha! the irony is she hasn't even actually looked at my blog! she's just taken with the idea, like it's my secret life or something. hilarious.

my15minutes said...

I always find it sweet when my kids too notice things I should shoot. Your daughter picked a winner.

Ianqui said...

Wow--the reflections in the water drops are really awesome!

Ampersand said...

wonderful. The reflections in the water drops are amazing.

Yankee, Transferred said...

OK she has an amazing eye. And so do you.

Sharon said...

She was SO right, that's beautiful! Happy Easter :)

concretegodmother said...

you know, i was at my parents' for easter dinner today, and as i was looking through my dad's popular photo magazine, i saw several examples of this type of photo featured! you're publishable, girl! :-)

Marlene said...


BouBou's said...

Wow! Just... Wow!


Susan said...

That is amazing. And gorgeous.

Moi said...

i love the way they are clinging to the grass.....and aren't daughters precious!!! I am sure , my mom thinks the same about moi!!!! ;DDDD

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