Thursday, March 6, 2008

inside out

inside out, originally uploaded by gawdessness.

Sweet and simple swan song of tulip in the late afternoon light.

Canon rebel xti, shutter 1/6, f2.8, 100mm, iso 100

update for pigeon freedom seekers everywhere - it has been released back onto the streets - literally.
seems in very good shape, ran and hid under a car (!?!) - for a picture of the newly freed critter click on flickring gawdess in the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

ooh, i love the colors.

BouBou's said...

Oh, I LOVE how the colours blend! Beautiful shot!

Great news on your feathered friend, too. :-D


Sandy said...

Gorgeous! Excellent shot ~ the lighting and composition ~ it's just perfect.

Glad to hear the pigeon is doing ok. :)

Sharon said...

Lovely shot :)

concretegodmother said...

go, pidge survivor, go!

the colors are beautiful, but i'm a sucker for the light -- even better! gorgeous!

Ampersand said...

such a great composition. love it!

yay, pidge!

marianne said...

oh, gorgeous! I love the lighting in your photos - just beautiful!

Moi said...

this is such a beautiful shot.....Georgia O'Keeffe once wrote “a flower touches everyone’s heart”.....she was right, wasn't she!!!

Susan said...

swoon. That is beautiful.

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